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Identify your guide by the badge

Tourist guides belonging to the Association of Authorized Guides wear the official badge depicting the coat of arms of the "GOVERN DE LES ILLES BALEARS". There are Authorized tourist guides for different languages and they guide in museums, churches and castles, in the countryside and cities, by coach or walking.

A tourist guide has not only knowledge about Mallorca but also the visitors' home country. Their training has equipped them to impart relevant information about Mallorca history, art, geography, architecture, social conditions etc. to visitors from all walks of life.
The badge ensures the quality of the services rendered and guarantees that tourists receive the correct information.

With their broad cultural understanding, the tourist guides combine their communication and planning abilities to transform a visit into an experience.

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Only authorized tourist guides of the Turist board are permitted to wear the official badge.
Individuals performing tourist guide services in Mallorca without a license, in virtually whatever guise they assume, are breaking the law.
The professional level of education for a tourist guide is University degree .
The general level of education and language qualifications are supplemented by one year's intensive training, including general knowledge of Mallorcan and Spanish inter-cultural understanding, practical guiding, tour planning and communication.

The "Conselleria de Tourisme"provides extensive follow-up education for the guides to ensure that their knowledge is up to date.

Through their membership of the Federation of European Guides (FEG), works closely with other European tourist organizations and with the EU Commission in order to establish a standardized guide education of high quality. The "Colegio Oficial " is also a member of the Tourist Guide Association (WFTGA)

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