Private tour guide/ Guided walks in Mallorca
Private tour guide/ Guided walks in Mallorca

Private tour guide/ Guided walks in Mallorca
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Travel Agents and Tour Operators
Tour Guides want to help you on selling Palma de Mallorca as a successful destination.

We'll be happy to attend your customers -not only offering them our selection of guided tours, but also guiding them on tours or activities already scheduled by your company.

We are also ready to make the reservations at sights and museums for the groups we attend and assist you with the arrangement of other services such as arrival and departure transfers, meals, etc.

We are collaborating with companys from different countries when their clients arrive to Mallorca.
As a freelance, licensed tour guide, I have planned and accompanied tours :

* I am guiding large groups
* Corporate/Incentive parties
* Small parties and Tours for families
* Personalised tour to your specification
* Shore Excursions

Hight quality private guided tours by professional licensed tourguides.

Tours can be done by coach, minivan or I can guide
you on Walking tours through the Old city of Palma

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Miguel Corral Guía Oficial de Turismo / Personal Registered Tourist guide.
Visitas guiadas al centro histório de Palma y otros lugares de interés. Servicios en varios idiomas para individuales y grupos previa reserva, con amplia disponibilidad de días y horarios.

Guided walks in the Old City of Palma and other interesting places. Services, are in English for individuals and pre-booked groups at your own timetable and convenience.

Miguel es miembro del Colegio Oficial de Guias Turisticos de las Islas Baleares
Miguel is a member of the Guild of Registered Tourist Guides and have a strict code of conduct and standards.
He is based in Palma de Mallorca
About ASTA
Private Mini van
At your own pace. Services under request.
Private guides. Palma de Mallorca
Private tours.
Prices for any of the guided tours start from 200€. Transport is extra and under request. Contact e-mail:
Miguel Corral Tourguide in Mallorca
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Private Tours
Special tours - Ask the guide to arrange the tour for you. Shore Excursions

Conference tours . In connection with a conference, a guided tour can provide a welcome break in a busy work schedule.

Tours of full day . Experience a tour through the Majorcan countryside accompanied by an informative tourist guide.

Miguel Corral
Fax/Tel:34 971452644.
Cellphone:34 649647772.
El Baldaquino de Antonio Gaudi en la capilla Real de la Catedral de Palma.

The inside of Palma´s Cathedral.The Baldaquino by Antonio Gaudí
Please remember this: tour guides in Mallorca and Spain are considered professionals and must be licensed to perform their services.
Tour guides in Mallorca and other European countries earn their license via official exams given by the tourist authorities regions or provinces.
Tourism is the Mallorca´s and Spain's leading industries. To ensure high standards and to protect you, the consumer, from wherever in the world you hail, Spanish legislation, both national and local, defines the tourism professions and requires that hotels, travel agencies, travel agency directors and individual operators, such as tour guides and tour escorts, possess a license.
On the job in Mallorca, tour guides always wear or carry their license with them, to be shown upon request to the authorities.
Licensed tour guides in Mallorca do not need to look over their shoulder to see whether the police are coming. Individuals performing tourist guide services in Mallorca without a license, in virtually whatever guise they assume, are breaking the law.
Surfing the web today, you find numerous sites for Mallorca tour guide services offered by excellent or native English-speakers who qualify themselves as long-time residents of the city, insiders, experts, historians, art historians, archaeologists, students, teachers.
Please beware: if these individuals don't state they are licensed Majorca tour guides, you can be sure they are not legally certified to perform tour guide services in Mallorca